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pH is relative acidity or alkalinity of water. The pH scale ranges from 0-14 with 7 being neutral. A pH level of 7,2 – 7,6 is ideal for pools. Alkalinity of water is the indication of alkaline salts found. It is not the same as pH but it has a direct effect in pH stabilisation. The normal alkalinity level for pool water is 80-120. If alkalinity is outside these limits it will cause unstable pH and before the pH should be stabilised the Total Alkalinity should be adjusted. To lower the Total Alkalinity use Dry Acid. To raise the Total Alkalinity use Sodium Bicarbonate.

SALT (Per bag of 25Kg)
  • Price: €9.52 per bag of 25Kg
Acid - Sodium Bisulphate 25Kg
  • Price: €19.55 
Acid - Sodium Bisulphate 10KG
  • Price: €11.22 
Acid - Sodium Bisulphate 5KG
  • Price: €7.31 
Bicarbonate of Soda 25kg
  • Price: €21.67 
Bicarbonate of Soda 10kg
  • Price: €12.50 
Bicarbonate of Soda 5KG
  • Price: €8.50 
Soda Ash- Sodium Cabonate 25kg
  • Price: €23.37