The pool must be cleaned with a vacuum at least twice a week. To do this you need a vacuum head, a vacuum  hose and a pole. If your pool is equipped with a vacuum point (a fitting on the inside wall of the pool) you will insert the vacuum hose directly into the fitting. If not you will have to use the skimmer and you must attach a skim vac on the hose to facilitate suction through the skimmer.


Turn the ball valve on the suction so that water flows through the vacuum point (or the skimmer that will be used). All the other suctions must be closed. It is usually preferable to have the Main Drain half open to reduce the suction of the vacuum.


Attach the vacuum head to the pole and connect one end of the hose (usually labelled “To vac head”) to the vacuum head.  Drop the hose and the vacuum head in the water and fill the hose with water by pushing the hose into the water until you reach the open end. Insert the hose into the vacuum point and direct the vacuum into the pool slowly and slightly pressing down so that dirt is visibly removed from the floor.


If debris flows back into the pool during vacuuming your filter cannot handle more debris.  Stop vacuuming and inspect the filter for high pressure.  If needed perform backwash.  If the problem persists call for technical support.


When finished open the remaining suction points and close the vacuum point as they should be set for normal operation. Remove the hose from the vacuum point, take the vacuum out of the pool, disconnect the hose from the vacuum head and removed it by draining it into the pool.


Following vacuum the filter must be cleaned with the backwash procedure.






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